Addison groaned and looked at the clock next to her bed, it was only 10:15 at night and she knew it was going to be a rough night. There was loud singing and music coming from the garden of the house two doors away. Waylon was having another of his late-night barbecues and, as usual, had invited several of his friends and his wives. These parties often lasted until 3 am.

Twice a neighbor had called the police complaining about the noise. Waylon thought it was Addison who had made the calls, but it wasn’t. Because of the calls and another series of disagreements between them, they both hated each other. In fact, Addison didn’t get along with anyone in Waylon’s family.

They were very rude, Addison thought, Waylon was a dump and so were some of his classmates. They all seemed drunk.

In a sudden fit of rage, Addison decided to go and give Waylon a good talk, she would really let him know what she thought of him.

She threw back the covers on the bed, she put the robe over her nightgown and slippers in her bare feet and left the house.

Addison hurried up the street, to Waylon’s driveway and his backyard.

There were about twenty people sitting on white plastic lawn chairs arranged in a circle. Smoke billowed from a barbecue as burgers sizzled and cooked. Most of the men seemed to have a wife or girlfriend with them. Many of the men looked like garbage dumps with a few exceptions, Addison was surprised to see that Shaun, who lived further down the street, was there, as was Barbara, who lived in the house between Addison’s and Waylon’s.

It was a hot summer afternoon, most of the men were in shorts and shirtless. The women wore summer clothes that revealed a lot of flesh, Barbara wore a dark green bikini. Diane, Waylon’s wife, appeared to be only in a bra and panties, another woman appeared to be drunk and completely topless. Waylon’s daughter and son were also part of the group.

They all seemed to be on their way to getting drunk.

Addison stopped at the sight of all these people, her brain seemed to freeze, but her body kept walking to the chair Waylon was sitting on. Addison opened her mouth to start telling him what she thought of him, except the words that came out of her mouth were different than what she wanted to say.

“Fuck me!” Addison was horrified and shocked by what she had said, why had she said that? Waylon and almost everyone there looked at her, Addison tried to start again but…

“Waylon please fuck me I need you!”

Addison couldn’t stop herself. Her mind reeled at her own words. She also knew that her body was getting aroused, her nipples had hardened and she was wet between her legs. Her mind screamed no, but her body seemed to have taken control.

Addison’s hands undid the belt of her robe, pulled it off her, and tossed her to the floor. Inside her, Addison was trying to fight her body. She removed her slippers and then her hands took hold of the hem of her nightgown, she pulled it up and pulled it off over her head. She was standing totally naked in front of the entire group.

“Fuck me!” she said again. Her body was desperate for sex, desperate for any man to take her.

Waylon looked at his wife, she nodded. Waylon knew that even though he was faithful to her, she had enjoyed sex with at least two different men since they were married.

Waylon stood up and was surprised when Addison kissed him hard. Addison was disgusted by what she was doing to her body, Waylon’s breath and mouth tasted like beer.

Waylon’s Story:

I had always hated Addison Goodall and her husband, they just annoyed me and I thought they were the ones who had called the police complaining about the noise at our parties.

I was shocked when she showed up, demanding that I fuck her in front of all my mates and she got naked. I noticed that she had big breasts, but the rest of her body was nothing special.

Diane had no choice but to nod her head when I gave her a questioning look. She had slept with other men, this was my chance to get even with Addison and Diane.

I stood up and looked at her. I’m a big man with a big beer belly and a big dick.

Addison moaned softly and pressed her lips against mine. She surprised me that she wanted to have sex with me and that she would take initiative and be willing to perform in front of an audience.

For a second she took me by surprise, as her tongue flicked frantically against my lips, and in a daze I opened myself to her. Our tongues swirl around each other, and I could tell she was shaking, only our kiss had made her orgasm. The realization hit me, and now I’m hard as ato rock in my own shorts: shorts that I feel my hands in, fumbling with my belt. I help her, unzipping my zipper without breaking the kiss.

Her slender fingers reached out and pulled out my stiff member, and suddenly her face was turned away from hers, leaving my lips feeling barren and bare.

“Oh, so big…” she exclaimed, looking herself at my cock. I watched as her hands began to climb my crotch again. “So big…” she repeats, as her fingers grip my manhood. Her hands aren’t able to make it all the way around the base, and I groan as her fingers grip me tighter.

Her eyes flicked up to mine for a moment, before she dropped to her knees, pulling my shorts down and stretching her lips around my bulbous head. She starts making sucking noises as she tries to get more and more of me into her warm wet mouth. She looks so cute, with her eyes closed and her lips closed around me, I groan earnestly. I can already feel myself getting closer.

I can hear some applause from those around me.

I look back at Addison, greedily gobbling my cock. I can make out her cleavage, and I gently slide my right hand from the back of her head, under her neck, up her chest, between her perky breasts, and then around her left nipple. she. Addison moans as she starts to play with the hard nub, making her blowjob that much bigger. The way she moves her tongue around the edge of her head feels fantastic.

“I’m getting close,” she whispered, and she just nodded, before freaking out. Sucking harder, the slurping noises bounce around the garden as my climax hits me. I have to lock my knees, as thread after thread of cum shoots into Addison’s mouth. She suddenly stops sucking, but her moans increase and it occurs to me that she is having another orgasm. She begins to recover from her climax as I do.

She jerks her head away from my crotch, sucking every ounce of me as she does, and my slightly twitching head makes a “popping” noise as it comes out of her mouth. She smiles at me, as her hands slide up and down my saliva-soaked cock, and I watch her suck on some of my cum that somehow escaped her soft lips.

“I’ve never come from giving oral sex before,” she says in amazement. “Imagine what else this thing can do…” she squeezes my dick tenderly.

Before I know it, Addison is on her feet, shoving me to the ground. I have to admit that her breasts are my biggest fetish; big, small, firm or flabby, I love them all. Addison’s are anything but flabby, and I already know how firm they are. They protrude proudly from her chest as she walks over to me, she kneels over me and slides my hardened cock back into her mouth.

Addison begins to move her body, until she is straddling my face. Her pussy is nearly dripping as she gently nudges the tip of my tongue, tasting it for the first time. When my tongue makes contact with her crotch, she growls, smacking her wet slit against my mouth, and I feel her own mouth sink deeper into my rock-hard shaft. Sticking my tongue in as far as possible, I’m almost drinking the juices that flow from it.

“My God, she’s never been so hot in my life!” Addison exclaims, and she sounds like she’s trying to catch her breath. “I can’t wait to have this beast inside of me.” Catching me off guard with her speed, Addison spins around and soon has my cock at the entrance of her slippery hole.

“Take it easy,” she tells me, then ignores her own advice and begins to press her pelvis back. After a couple of seconds, I feel my head come out of her inner lips and we both sigh in connection.

I continue to stand still as Addison grinds her pussy firmly along the length of my rod. Every little inch seems like a small triumph, as her massaging muscles take me deeper and deeper. Her luscious breasts hang over me and I lift my head to taste them for the first time. Her right nipple is already hard, I suck it between my lips and nibble lightly. I must have surprised her with this action, as she suddenly gasps and I feel myself slide inside her some more. She freezes on top of me, and I can feel her pussy gripping my cock, lubricating it even more with her juices as she has another little orgasm.

I grab one bottom in each of her hands, suck hard on her nipple and lift my hips slightly, going a little deeper. Addison grunts with my movement, grabbing the back of my head and pushing me all the way into her wet pussy.

“Oh, I’m enjoying it!” Addison almost screams, hitting hard. Her pussy is so tight that she feels like she’s trying to strangle my cock.

I reattach my mouth to her nipple.

Grasping her ass tighterro, I begin to move under her at my own pace. I pull out until only my tip is still inside her, plunge back in, until my head hits her bottom.

Addison’s fingers dig into the back of my scalp as she begins to scream in the midst of her passion. “Oh fuck me, you’re HUGE! Harder, fuck me harder with that huge dick of yours! Oh damn, I’m going to cum again–” her hand pushes me away from her tit, as she he presses his mouth to mine. The passion and fury of her kiss are enough to get me going again. I shoot my second load of the night into hers body, filling her wet pussy with it.

There are applause and cheers from the audience.

Addison is struggling, trying to keep her mind intact at first, she is fighting her body as it works. Orms with Waylon, she hated the feeling of his reaction inside her, but the pleasure she is receiving is immense and her mind is beginning to to enjoy it too, as her body slams up and down on Waylon’s huge cock, she feels it slide, this sex is so good that she starts to think, she wants more and she can’t control her mind, she hears a woman’s voice in her head,

“Give up, your mind and your body are one, sex is your greatest pleasure, never fight your body again, enjoy and forget!”

Addison tried to fight it off, but her mind slipped away causing her to completely lose her body and mind in the ecstasy of sex.

As soon as Waylon’s cock was out of her wet vagina, she was desperate for another cock inside her.

I was in awe of Addison’s demeanor and passion. As my cock softened she pulled out of her, standing up with her face flushed from our sex and gasping for air. I could see my cum coming out of her. She turned to Tony, pulled him to his feet, and placed his hands on her tits.

Tony wasted no time spending a minute stroking and sucking on her nipples as she pulled down his shorts, he was already hard and he turned Addison around, leaning her over the back of one of the chairs and standing behind her. her pussy wet from her. Addison’s gasp and squeal of satisfaction was audible to all.

I turned back to the barbecue, turned the chicken pieces over, and grabbed a hamburger and another can of beer for myself. By this time, Tony had dumped the load of him onto Addison and she immediately turned to Rob, but a jolt from his wife, Paula, soon put him off.

George was her next target and he was willing to give everything for her. A few moments of kissing and she straddled him and leaned over her cock.

Everyone was still watching the show that Addison was putting on, it was clear to everyone that for some reason she was desperate to have as much sex as possible. Barbara in particular was looking at Addison, the scene in front of her seeming to turn her on as she rubbed her crotch through the material of her bikini.

After her refusal to let Rob participate, Paula was making amends with Rob while her hand was on the front of her pants playing with him.

For the next hour, Addison went around the nine guys sucking and fucking them. The scene was turning on some of the other women, Paula was now naked and had let Rob fuck her and moved on to Joe. Rob was showing interest in Diane, I nodded from her and he quickly removed her bra and panties and the two of them quickly engaged. The party was quickly turning into an orgy, something she had never seen before except in the movies.

The unusual thing was that the women were running the action, they had become like Addison desperate for sex.

I took my phone out of my pocket and took several photos of Addison, who was enjoying the experience of having Joe’s cock penetrate her. By now Diane was fucking Gregg and I took a dozen pictures of her.

Addison approached Dan, my son, she was soon sucking on her nipples with one hand holding her behind.

Shaun distracted me from that scene by making a move on Diane, she’d gotten over her fucking Addison. Diane thought Shaun was a creep, but tonight there was no stopping her. After several minutes of kissing, Diane pushed Shaun onto her back, straddled him, and lowered her pussy onto her cock. It was an erotic sight as Diane worked up and down her cock as her hands reached and played with her large tits, when he released them, her tits bounced uncontrollably with her movement. I recorded every moment with my phone.

I turned and checked in Dan and Addison, she was lying on her splayed hind legs. I watched the movement of her ass as she went up and she went down as he fucked her. Addison climaxed again, moaning as she did so.

“Fuck off!” Dan yelled as he shot his cum dI enter her

Addison lifted the semen of nine men running out of her and down her legs.

I was the closest man and she turned to me. I put my beer can down and she kissed me.

We hugged, my rock hard member pressed against her stomach. My hand slid deftly up her body from her bottom to her tit, taking it as she rocked her nipple with my thumb.

We never broke our embrace as she lay on her back on the floor, her left leg rising effortlessly, allowing my cock unimpeded access to her pussy.

And I thought she hated me!

The head of my cock parting the folds of her pussy as our weight settled on the floor.

It was only an inch or so, but the sensation, the anticipation, opened my eyes and made me snap our mouths shut so that I gasped.

She had her eyes squeezed shut as she pushed her head back. I don’t think she realized who was going to plunge into her. She just needed a man inside her

Maybe another half inch or so, and the head of my cock was now engulfed. She now gave a small gasp. I backed off a bit, allowing our natural lubricants to mix, then pushed in a couple inches.

Her pelvis rose as she tried to meet my thrust, but I held back a bit as she savored the wetness and feel of her pussy…as if she were putting a warm stretchy glove on me.

It was too much… just a few times holding back, and she lifted her pubic mound even higher, and my penis was now embedded deep inside her.

Her hips rotated, thrusting hard. I opened my eyes again, my mouth trying to suck in as much oxygen as possible. Her eyes were wide, looking directly at me, but registering a lust I never knew she had. She, too, gasped for oxygen.

Each thrust was a sensation of bliss, the walls of her pussy forming around each ridge and undulation of my cock.

My body was acting on instinct; I was driving hard on it with forceful thrusts.

And she met mine with her own pelvic thrusts.

“Fuck, fuck!” I screamed as my hips pushed me deeper into her.

I lost all awareness of time, of reserve… I just kept driving towards the pinnacle of need.

Her back began to arch, her thrusts stiffening…she threw her head back and made a loud gurgling sound before letting out an involuntary squeak.

The next thrust I exploded deep into her…hard ejaculations as if starting at the back of my neck and pulsing down my spine, building momentum until they pierced my cock…forcing cannonballs of cum into the caverns her. matrix.

Her body was meeting my explosions with her own, hardening against me with each one.

Our cycles slowed down… our breathing heavy, but somewhat irregular, sweat pouring down my back.

I did it… I had fucked Goodall’s bitch!

I looked around the garden, everyone was totally naked, except Barbara, her bikini top was showing her tits, however, she had kept herself uncovered.

Barbara walked over to Addison, took her face in her hands, and kissed her on the lips. It was as if she had been waiting for this moment. Without hesitation, Addison responded to Barbara’s kiss and the two of them kissed, kissing in front of all of us. Soon they were caressing and kissing each other’s tits.

Addison knelt in front of Barbara and lowered her head, kissing Barbara’s feet as if she worshiped a god. Next, Addison lowered Barbara’s bikini bottom and began stroking the inside of Barbara’s thigh and then up between her legs. Barbara’s head moved from side to side and she moaned.

Then Barbara broke the moment, let’s go to my bed, I heard her say to Addison. The two women picked up their clothes and turned to leave. When they left, Barbara whispered to me.

“Addison will come to you tomorrow, do what you want with her, anything goes, she won’t remember and it will be your last time with her.”

I looked at Barbara in amazement as she took Addison by the hand and led her toward her house.

The next morning I found a big surprise. Diane remembered most of the night, but not that she had sex with multiple men, there seemed to be a big blank space in her memory. I showed Diane the photos and videos of her having sex and she didn’t really remember, she was so upset that she had sex with Shaun. Diane didn’t remember Addison attending or defending the barbecue at an orgy.

The next revelation was when I called some of the other guys, their wives and girlfriends didn’t remember freaking outfor sex and joining the orgy, very strange I thought.

Diane was embarrassed and upset about what she had done and she wanted to make it up to me. I had a pretty selfish idea. Diane hated her restraints, but she agreed to make it up to me so she could tie her to the bed. I quickly undressed her, tied her wrists to her headboard and her ankles to each corner of the bed so she was open and helpless. The new Addison was due to be born soon.

I went downstairs to our fridge and picked up a whole cucumber. Diane’s eyes widened when she saw the cucumber. She had never used anything like this on a woman and she hoped to use it on two of them. I was wondering what Diane would say in a few minutes when she made Addison lick her pussy…

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